Feeling Lonely As A SAHM? One Simple Thing You Can Do Every Day To Shift Your Mindset

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As a stay at home mom we can often feel alone, especially as an extrovert.  Do you feel alone even with kids running around? Are you missing adult connection? Do you miss your mom friends you can commiserate with? I know I do! Especially with the pandemic, community changing, people afraid to connect in person, kids suddenly home doing distance learning, then back to school, or a husband now working from home or back to work.  It has been crazy! In this episode I offer you one simple thing you can do each day to lift your mindset, remind you that you are not alone, and thrive in your day.

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[00:00:00] Michelle: Hello friends. Welcome back today. We’re going to be talking about quick tip at time savers. So if you are ever feeling lonely as a stay at home mom, which at some point I know we all do here is one simple thing that you can do every day. as always, if you would be, , oh, so kind and leave a review or subscribe that helps me so much and lights up my heart.

[00:00:29] Cause it makes me know that people are listening and this is helping you come on over to our Facebook group. Busy vibrant mom. And, you can find it and it’s super fun and we have a great community and they’re just sharing and hanging out. So especially if you are lonely or you need a community as all of us moms do of knowing that we’re not the only ones hanging out, struggling with these issues, come on over and hang out with us.

[00:00:58] We would love to. , [00:01:00] and if you ever are just having an issue with something and need to connect and, would love to grab a one-on-one coaching session. I’m happy to jump on with you and, help you out of knowing the road bumps along your day, that we can help minimize or to. All right with that.

[00:01:20] Let’s jump in as a stay-at-home mom. I know we can often feel alone, especially I think, as an extrovert, as myself and being an expert. I know I have been feeling lonely at times when it’s just me and even with just my kids are at home. I miss the connection of having me mean adult friends, talk to, or another mom to connect with.

[00:01:46] On different issues. And I know my heart often feels lonely of like, where’s my other person. So especially this occurred when my kids were kind of battling. at school and the house is [00:02:00] very quiet. My husband was at work and it was just me. I was kinda lonely and felt this nagging sensation of there’s gotta be something else that I need to do.

[00:02:09] Where are my people? And then all the kids came back and Steven King. And it was crazy and that was different adjustment, but at the same time feeling overwhelmed and the kids were always there and working on their distance learning and all those things were super exhausting. And I just felt lonely for community at that time. [00:02:32] We were, in community with just our family, but I. Lonely in a different way. And then suddenly things opened up and all of a sudden my kiddos were back at school and I didn’t get to hug them and give them kisses all day and do fun things with them. And. Go watch the park and take walks around the block.

[00:02:51] And so that was another change. That was hard. So I hear where you’re coming from, my friend. [00:03:00] we’ve definitely all gone through a rough patch and just this shift with COVID of. Being in community, not being in community, missing our community, having a different community. And what does that look like? It has been so mentally and emotionally taxing, I think to keep changing and switching up, not knowing when a different season will end or if the next season that comes is going to look the same.

[00:03:29] So I hear you. And I just wanted to say. That I have one solution that will help one simple thing that you can do each day to lift your mindset and just remind you that you are not alone. Number one is change your mindset. This you can do every day. Super easy by doing a devotion. [00:04:00] So sitting down and really having time with God every day, whether your kids are home or not, this will help you in your mindset shift.

[00:04:09] It will help you open up your heart and not be as lonely that day, having that time. And that one-on-one time with God just puts us in. season of gratitude and thankfulness, and it reminds us that we need to lift up our head and look at all the beautiful blessings that God has given us. Look at where we are and that number one thing of connecting with God every day will help mentally and emotionally and physically .

[00:04:45] Lift you out of that lonely place. So, as I said, one main thing you will need to do is to have a diverse. With God, that’s that quiet time. It can be 15 minutes. It can be [00:05:00] 20 minutes. set apart that time to connect with your maker and to lift up your heart each day. Also with that, I know sometimes God has put somebody else on my heart as an extrovert.

[00:05:15] I think of , a friend or maybe somebody who’s going through something hard, a friend I haven’t connected with in a while. And I’m wondering how they’re doing. As God puts those people on your heart. go ahead and just pray for them and lift that up to God and let him know, Hey, you’ve put this person on my heart. [00:05:32] I’m praying for them. I hope they’re having a great day. if there’s something else I need to do to connect with them, you let them. I also try to leave just a simple voicemail for people when that happens. If somebody who’s on my heart or God has put in my mind, I pray for them. And then I leave them a quick voice text, two seconds studio.

[00:05:52] So I just leave them a text saying, Hey, I hope you’re doing well. You’re on my heart. Let’s get together some time. [00:06:00] And it helps me know that I have a friend and also for them to know that they have. So I hope this helps remember to do that one simple thing each day is to connect with God with your maker.

[00:06:18] Find that 15 minutes of alone time, whether it be sitting in the car as you wait for kids before or after drop-off, maybe it’s at lunch while you’re eating lunch. Maybe it’s just a walk outside where you connect. That simple 15 minutes before. You not be as lonely as always come on over to our Facebook group.

[00:06:39] We have a great community over there where you’re definitely not being lonely, come and share and hang out. And we would love to meet you over there. Now. Go and have a very busy, vibrant day.

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