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Do you want to know how you can save time meal prepping? Do you get to the end of your day and cringe at the thought of making dinner? Maybe you hear the cry of your kids like little fingernails on a chalkboard. You stair into the open refrigerator no knowing what to make, only to give up and call delivery. Take a deep breath as we dive into this episode and talk about the one meal plan hack that will save you a ton of time. It is my number one go to hack. Listen in!

Do you have a paper planner? Are you thinking, why do I need a paper planner in a digital world? Good question! In this digital world it is even more important that we have a paper planner, so that we can disconnect from our cell phones. It allows our brain to take a break as we write out our week, visually see our schedule, reflect on our praises and blessings, map out our to do items, and journal our thoughts. Listen up to avoid these two popular mistakes.

Do you find that after you finish dinner your house is a disaster? Have you put the kids to bed only to realize that you have a huge mess to clean up that will take up the rest of your evening? Do you have a working evening reset routine? In this episode we talk through easy steps to establish a reliable evening reset routine. One that will get everyone involved, eliminate that kitchen disaster, help you feel more…

Laundry like the mail is never ending. Are you overwhelmed with the laundry overflowing? Tired of stepping on dirty socks, shirts, pants etc? Are you wishing the laundry fairy would come to your house? You are in for a treat my friend! In this episode we talk about five easy steps to cutting your laundry time in half! How to wave your magic wand and get that laundry under control. Let’s jump in!