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learn how to manage your time.  God created you and He gave you unique gifts! “For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do” (Ephesians 2:10) You were created to use your gifts and live life more joyfully!

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I’m Michelle. Daughter of the King, wife, mom, gym rat, extrovert, coffee lover, and fun seeker! I have an amazing husband who does all the cooking, and three wild and crazy kids who keep me busy sword fighting, wrestling, tickling, telling funny jokes, building lego creations, painting nails, shopping, laughing, and doing impromptu dance parties!

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…working moms who are finding it hard to keep up with everyday life, who are feeling pulled in every direction, and unable to get off the crazy hamster wheel of life. Moms who want to make a change to spending more quality time with their family in their everyday life!

The Busy Vibrant Mom podcast includes: 
  • Hours of training on practical time management tips and tricks
  • Interviews with other busy moms in the same season of life 
  • New productivity tools and time blocking tricks
  • Organizational systems to keep everything in order
  • Purposeful parenting solutions
  • Practical tips to restructure your time and your week

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Podcast Reviews

Check out what other moms are saying about the podcast….


I enjoy listening to Michelle share stories and tips about her parenting experiences. She has a sweet and wholesome perspective that is a delight to listen to!

Refreshing Outlook



Michelle has the best tips! I don't know her personally, but feel like we're already friends. She is so fun and inspiring. Perfect podcast for the busy Christian mama.
So much yes!! So glad this podcast exists! It's seriously a must for us busy mamas out there doing all the things. Thank you for this podcast!!

Busy Moms, This is for you!



Wow! First, I found Michelle when looking for solutions to help me be a runner mom 2 The episode on working out with crazy kids was on point. It's one of my biggest peeves when my kids interrupt me during my "me" time. Also, I really appreciate Michelle's vibrant, authentic energy!

Sanity savers inside!



Every mama needs tips on how to get in their workout. It may seem impossible but it's totally doable and Michelle shares amazing tips all mamas can apply. Love it!

Great tips!



If you need some fun and joy infused in your momlife this is the podcast to go to. Michelle's joy of being a mom is contagious, she has a lively energetic voice! I specially enjoyed episode 3 on how to make running errands fun. l'am a mom of babies and it was awesome to hear.

lovely tips for mamas!



This is such an inspiring podcast! You will be so encouraged and will leave feeling so good inside. I love how Michelle is so relatable. Find joy by focusing on others! Love that.

So encouraging and authentic!



Michelle totally helped me have a more joyful morning! Thank you! Her specific tips and tricks for happy, God-center mama-hood is so helpful! Her joy and energy totally fuel me and brighten my day!

The Real Deal Mama-hood!



The "anti-perfect" side of motherhood? Sign. Me. Up! Michelle is a joy and she's bringing #RealTips for #RealMoms. Can't wait to dig into more episodes!

Real tips for Real Moms!



I love that Michelle keeps it real. She's the friend every Mama needs. Practical steps toward enjoying life as a busy Mama. Love that she's not pretending that it's easy cheesy. She's real. Momming is hard but we can get through it. Love this.

For the real moms



I like how authentic you are- just tell it like it is, mama! All of us mamas need the real life hacks, & that's what you give us! Keeping it real!!
Love it!

Real life & real love



Thanks so much for all the simple ideas for finding joy in 2021 and making it a great year that brings us closer to others. Congrats on your podcast and keep those episodes coming!

Finding Joy in 2021


Give me your hand friend, let’s get started!

Having more freedom, more time, and living with more joy and laughter!

learn new productivity tools, time blocking tricks, solutions to everyday parenting problems, and organizational systems to keep all the things in order.


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