It’s almost Easter! Are you ready for longer days of sunshine, warmer weather, watching plants grow (who has time to watch plants grow …really?), and getting ready for Easter? Are you tired of all the candy your kids consume around Easter? In this episode I give lots of fun ideas for Easter baskets that are easy, fun, and sugar free! These are baskets that your kids will love, but that are not a DIY Pinterest time commitment.

 Easy Creative Easter Basket Ideas That Do Not Involve Candy And Sugar!

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Laundry like the mail is never ending. Are you overwhelmed with the laundry overflowing? Tired of stepping on dirty socks, shirts, pants etc? Are you wishing the laundry fairy would come to your house? You are in for a treat my friend! In this episode we talk about five easy steps to cutting your laundry time in half! How to wave your magic wand and get that laundry under control. Let’s jump in!

Do you constantly hear the cry for more screen time? Are your kids asking for more and more screen time? Our kids are always wanting more screen time.  What kid doesn’t want more screen time? In this quick episode I will give you my four step solution to stopping your kids from crying for more screen time.  It has definitely helped keep the screen time cry to a muffle in our house.  Listen in!